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Interior Design and Décor Services

So what do I offer you?

I offer you one-on-one personalized service that brings you from design concept to choosing the right paint color and cabinets to the hardwood floors and area rugs. Oh let’s not forget about those pillows and art work!

I help you transform your home to your own unique style. My sole purpose is to help you create a space that you love, that you create memories in, that you share stories with your friends and provides a shelter from life’s storms.

  • Design concepts

  • Project management
  • Shopping for those special pieces (countertops, flooring, tile, furniture)

  • Working with vendors to coordinate install, measurements, deliveries

  • Finishing touches

  • Coordinating trade professionals

  • Space planning
  • Paint selection
  • Window treatments
  • Pillows and rug, fabric selection

  • Color and finish consultations

Interior Design Process

First Step: Schedule a Discovery Call with Me

Let’s briefly discuss your needs and how I can help you.

Second Step: Vision & Goals Meeting

Let’s get to know one another to discuss your vision and goals for your project. Expect that this meeting will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

At this meeting you will get to see some images of how I deliver design, a bit about me and how I can benefit your project and we will start to discuss a general budget.

Third Step: Home Walk-Through

I come out and visit your home. Expect that this meeting can take up to 2 hours. There is a cost for this visit and it is separate from the design fee. Payment will be expected prior to the call.

This visit allows us to tour your home, get see your style, the structure of the home, what unique elements need to be taken into consideration. We talk about what type of design style inspires you, take a look at any inspirational photos you might have, what colors you like, etc.

General measurements are taken as well as photos of the space.

Your unique project design starts to be created after this discussion. We take in account all the nuances and lifestyle of you and your family. Please allow ample time for this phase to be completed. Estimated timeframes are two to four weeks.

Fourth Step: Project Kick-Off Meeting

The Scope of Work gets presented to you at a formal meeting for you to review and sign off to kick-off the project.

An interior design scope of work is a document that details all the tasks, who does each job, the timeline, and all other conditions in a design project. It is the narrative description of what the project requires and is included in the contract.

For example:

The project will consist of the following rooms:

Kitchen, living room and bathroom. The kitchen will have new cabinetry, new floors, new hardware and new lighting. The living room will have a new coat of paint, new lighting and new furniture. The bathroom will be completely gutted and have a new tub, shower, vanity, flooring and lighting.


At this time we will also set up a convenient time to take specific measurements and discuss elements of the design.

Fifth Step: Interior Design Proposal

On site meeting where your unique design proposal gets presented.

The design proposal conveys my inspiration and vision for the space. It articulates the rooms ambiance, we talk about what the origin of the design was and how I would handle specific challenges and desires for the space.

Your feedback is given so that we can make any further modifications. Project timelines are discussed as well as final budget numbers.

And then the FUN BEGINS! Your design work commences after this meeting.

Clients are welcome to modify the designs twice. Any additional modifications to the design will be at an extra charge.

How I Approach Design

I believe that truly great interior design flows from a collaboration between the client, the interior designer, and any vendors or contractors.

In order to make sure the process is as seamless as possible and the end result is an accurate rendering of your vision, I prioritize communication above all else.

I get to know YOU first –  it’s about understanding your lifestyle, your desires, and how you see yourself in your home. In depth interviews allow me to get to know you, your family and YOUR vision.

I follow a specific process that keeps the project on time, on budget and with complete transparency.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Why I Love Creating Beautiful Spaces

I was born loving all things home, so interior design and décor are a natural fit for me. My parents are both people who loved renovation as they worked through many a renovation in my childhood home and went on to renovate several of their homes afterwards. My mother was a natural interior designer and what we would now consider a lifestyle blogger for all things home. She was a self-taught seamstress, cook, baker, crafter and was always redecorating rooms in her home. My father was and still is what I would consider a master craftsman. Mom was always making a new recipe, or new curtains for her kitchen. How could I not inherit my love for all things home with parents like that?

I have had experience designing my own home after a house fire, but I have also had the wonderful opportunity to work on new construction, new build outpatient centers for the local children’s hospital. I have always combed through design magazines and watched HGTV for as long as I can remember..and I shoot pictures of homes wherever I am in the world. Home has always been one of my biggest passions.