The Morning Walk

The Morning walk is something that I have started to integrate into my morning routine. I have found that it gives me great solace and calms my spirit. I get to listen to the sounds of nature and connect myself to something that is grounding and true. The world we live in can be so noisy and "hi tech" with our face glued to a phone or computer screen. The news flashes everywhere and many of us long for an escape from it all if only for 30 minutes. This morning I walked in the rain. And it was so [...]

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Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Women Hold Up Half the Sky. When I saw this phrase somewhere in my Facebook/Instagram scroll, it totally resonated with me. I have been meaning to write about it for some time now. As I had been contemplating it's meaning, I  came across a piece of sculpture that once sat in my bedroom.  One of my cats broke the bowl that sat on top of it, so , I placed it in my basement meaning to get a new bowl.  However, unfortunately that never happened. So, I decided to give it away a few weeks ago and posted it on [...]

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Favorite Paint Colors for 2022

Someone asked me today what are the paint colors for 2022? I much prefer to answer the question -what are my favorite paint colors for 2022? Well here they are and there is a story behind each one of them Sherwin-Williams Denim color palette: Why do I love this? Because I LOVE my jeans! They are a staple in my wardrobe and I wear jeans almost everyday! Each color reminds me of jeans that I wear out to dance in or a nice dinner, jeans I wear to go run errands (usually with holes in them! lol), jeans that match [...]

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The Easter Season

Oh, how I love the Easter Season. It's such a sacred time for me. It represents a time of renewal and rebirth in nature, but it also signifies the same for those folks that have a Christian background. Christ has risen. A rebirth, a renewal of faith. A celebration of all that is sacred. It brings memories back of those times I spent in the Baptist church as a child.  Every Sunday (twice), every Wednesday, youth group meetings and special church outings. Those roots run deep in my soul despite my years of experiencing and exploring other faiths and my [...]

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Being Joyful even when the world is In Chaos

Being Joyful even when the world is in Chaos. Even that statement seems almost sacrilegious to say doesn't it? How can we by joyful when so many of our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine are suffering? Answer: It isn't easy. It isn't easy for any of us who are kind and caring souls. I had a rough couple of days last week, I found myself in a sea of sorrow, anger, grief, fear, confusion and a whole host of other emotions. I am certain I wasn't alone and I am sure there are many of us who are still [...]

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Polish Nail Bar

I normally write posts with health and home information and inspirational thoughts. However , this post is about Polish Nail Bar in a little town called Clarence, NY. It's not far from me, maybe 20 -25 minutes. It's sort-of suburban/rural-ish. And is quite beautiful with miles of green pine trees and landscapes. There are also little vignettes of boutiques, salons and restaurants that are dotted around the area for folks to explore. Well, on one of my jaunts around town - I found this little gem! The Polish Nail Bar! You can find them on their website here: It [...]

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Be Curious

This was something I heard while listening to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Gabby Bernstein. When you get a negative or fearful thought, "Be Curious."  Ask that thought what they want to teach you, what are you nagging me about? What do I do with you? - hahaha, that was my add-lib!. We often get stuck in our negative thinking loops and fear thoughts, oh my god, especially these last two years! How do we get rid of them and shut the door forever, one of Gabby's students asked. And she replied - "Be Curious." I thought that was [...]

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Celebrating The Winter Solstice

It's December 21st, a day many of us are celebrating the Winter Solstice. How do you celebrate this day? As I write this, the sun is shining and it is about 28 degrees where I live, in Buffalo, NY. I can't think of more perfect weather to celebrate this day! This is the shortest day of the year and longest night. It celebrates a rebirth of sorts - interesting how it comes a few days before we celebrate the birth of Christ. I don't know much about this celebration, but what I do know is that for me and for [...]

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Is this how our Story Ends as a Country? As a world?

Our country has spent the last, almost 18 months in turmoil. In fact, perhaps it's not just our country , but the world at large. As I listen and experience these times, my heart is saddened to see what we as a human race has allowed to happen. We have allowed fear to drive us to divide ourselves from each other. Everyone is so busy fighting for their position on whatever is the topic at hand, the elections, the virus, how the virus has been handled and now it's the vaccine - that we forget what is truly important. What [...]

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Lifting the Veil of Fear and tuning into Love

  People often ask me what inspires my writing. My answer would be that it isn't just one thing in particular. It truly is what moves me at a moment in time. And yes, those things can vary so widely , but isn't life so amazing that it has so much inspiration to offer? Another question people ask me is , where do I write? and "on what"?  Well, that is a varied answer too. I do have a beautiful office, with yellow painted walls and my favorite white Pottery Barn desk and chairs. I write there quite often, but [...]

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