I normally write posts with health and home information and inspirational thoughts. However , this post is about Polish Nail Bar in a little town called Clarence, NY. It’s not far from me, maybe 20 -25 minutes. It’s sort-of suburban/rural-ish. And is quite beautiful with miles of green pine trees and landscapes. There are also little vignettes of boutiques, salons and restaurants that are dotted around the area for folks to explore. Well, on one of my jaunts around town – I found this little gem! The Polish Nail Bar! You can find them on their website here: https://www.polishedwny.com/

It is stunning in it’s appearance, yet small and intimate! I ventured in and I just wanted to take my shoes and socks off and sit in those delicious pedicure chairs! Omg, the space speaks of luxe and pampering!

When you walk in, you are greeted by one of their friendly nail technicians and a soft, pinky beige hued brick ambiance. The lighting is made of soft brass/gold fixtures that create a sense of warmth to the space.

It truly feels decadent! And ladies – what about that Valentines gift from your hubby? or boyfriend? or what about a gift to yourself?

They even have an offering of coffee, teas and ….drum roll please! Wine! Omg! Now, don’t you  want to go there even more? I encourage everyone to book their appointments today or nudge your spouse/boyfriend to get you a gift certificate! They still have time!

As always, I wanted to leave you all with some helpful hints as little take aways:

How do I take care of my nails to keep them stronger and healthier?

  • I balance my diet with healthy fats and yes, Avocado is one of them! I have a half of one everyday!
  • Drinking Isagenix Collagen Elixir everday! It’s liquid gold in a beautiful bottle! You can find out more about this little gem:https://kimberleyskorner.isagenix.com/collagen
  • Wear gloves when doing the dishes, or cleaning around the house – trust me it helps!
  • Use “clean” household cleaning products.
  • Give your nails a break on occasion from nail polish, gels, acrylics – let them breathe!

I hope those are helpful!

Love and Happy almost Valentines Day!