The Female Homeopathic Remedy- Sepia! Oh how I love this remedy! Every woman should know about this!

Why? Because it’s so helpful for women of so many ages. Whether you are 30 or 50!

What does Sepia help with?

  • Hormonal headaches
  • Migraines
  • Libido just not where it was? ( Yes, this works!)
  • Motherhood fatigue
  • Vaginal pain and dryness ( Again, I can personally tell you that this works!)
  • Some yeast infections
  • Menopausal transition

Sepia has so many great uses for women.

God, remember those darn yeast infections? Aren’t they the worst?!  You feel like you could itch yourself to death? Well, we know that yeast infections come from a variety of sources – antibiotic use, allergens to some soaps and shampoo’s, birth control pills and some other feminine products.  Don’t we wish we knew of a different alternative other than a drug? I do!

And for those Mother’s out there that are exhausted from all your ten thousand daily duties – look to this remedy for help. There are other’s that can help too, but this is the first one I would reach for!

I wish I would have known about this medicine as I was going through perimenopause/menopause. It probably would have been a lot easier than it was.

I can tell you that I have used this remedy personally for libido and dryness and it definitely works. I had tried so many things over the years, from bioidentical hormones, vaginal creams (no synthetics), vitamin E suppositories with no success. It got to the point where I was bleeding from dryness and it wasn’t fun. Needless to say my poor boyfriend felt terrible! Well – here was my answer! and no side effects! I was beyond elated!

How did I take it? One dose of Sepia 200C twice a week until I was very much better.

For those women who are pregnant, yes, sepia can help here -BUT, I would consult a Homeopath before you proceed.

Dosing depends on severity of the issue as is always the case with any homeopathic remedy.

For those folks not familiar with homeopathy, I would start with the lower potencies, like 30c.  Have a family member who is educated in Homeopathy? Ask Them! 🙂 And most importantly – you CAN learn how to use these medicines too!

Where can you purchase Homeopathic remedies? I get mine from Washington Homeopathics here: or from Boiron here:

Boiron can also be purchased on Amazon – here:


* I am not certain where I actually got this photograph of the woman in red as I had come across it I think a few years ago and I thought it was stunning and really captured the beauty and strength of women. As I wrote this, I thought it was fitting. It reminds me of the red blood of women and how it births life to earth.

I do hope you find this helpful and please, send me any questions you might have regarding this remedy or Homeopathy in general. I am not a physician nor am I a Homeopath. I simply share what I have learned as I have studied Homeopathy for 14 years now and am here to educate.

With Gratitude,