Home Safety Tips for humans and animals is something we should all have on hand and refer to frequently to ensure we are keeping our loved ones safe. Here is a comprehensive list that I have compiled that I hope you will find helpful to keep your family safe.

As an Airbnb Host, I have to think about it and make sure that I maintain a safe environment for my guests and my own family to live in.

I thought I would take some time to create some helpful tips for every homeowner to have handy.

  • Smoke detectors and CO detectors are a must have and ensure that you meet the safety code and standards for where these are. I have a smoke detector in every bedroom, every hallway and a smoke detector/co in …create a schedule for testing to ensure they are in proper working order and change out your batteries on a regular schedule as well.
  • Fire Extinguishers – make sure theses are handy in key areas in the home like the kitchen and on every floor of the home. I also bought these really cool fire blankets Prepared Hero. You can find them here: https://preparedhero.com/products/emergency-fire-blanket. I have them in the kitchen, each guest room and my bedroom. They are super easy to use and can be put in really handy places!.
  • Railings and safety bars in bathrooms. These are important to help folks getting up and down stairs to prevent falling and for people to keep balance in the shower.
  • Electrical cords. Make sure these are out of the way of any major foot traffic areas.
  • Electrical outlets. Make sure you are not plugging in anything that will overload the outlet. Check your window a/c units if you have them and see what is required.
  • Electrical wiring. Make sure there isn’t any exposed and/or frayed.
  • Outdoor entrance lighting. A must have! And make sure you check to ensure the bulbs are working and replaced when needed.
  • Furnace maintenance. I have a boiler system in my home and I get mine maintained in early October every year to ensure we are ready for the long winter season.
  • Snow and ice removal. Make sure the driveway and sidewalks are plowed or shoveled and be sure you put salt down to get rid of the ice so no one falls. I use pet friendly ice removal because I have wildlife around my house and I love animals and don’t want to hurt them.
  • Alarm systems. So many folks are now installing those ring camera’s which are really cool. They can connect to your phone and give yourself peace of mind.

  • Of course we cannot forget Home Safety Tips for our furry family members – this is for them (1) put your bags with handles away immediately or cut the handles. Do not leave them out, cats are curious animals and can get their heads stuck in them and they can strangle themselves. (2) take off your shoes before going in the house – things get tracked into the house believe it our not. Our animals live on the floor, help them stay healthy and safe, leave the shoes in the hall. (3) be conscious of plants that are toxic for your animals – do your research on this (4) cats and dogs can even chew plastic plants and swallow them, be mindful of this. (6) do research on appropriate toys for your cats and dogs, although they might be on the market, they might not be safe.


  • Locks on windows. Ensure all locks are in working order and are repaired if needed.
  • Window openings, make sure they can all open easily from the inside.
  • Hot water temperature. Make sure the temperature on the tank is not set too high. This can cause people to get burned when turning on the hot water.
  • Store extra keys at a neighbors or friends just in case.
  • First Aid Kits. Have one handy for family and one in your guest room bathrooms.
    I also have a Homeopathy First Aid kit. See this kit from Boiron, it’s got some great remedies in it.  information-https://www.boironusa.com/product/homeofamily-kit/
  • Dryer vents – clean these at least one or two times a year. I like to clean mine before winter and in the spring.
  • Fireplace /Chimney cleaning – do this at least once a year.

And let’s not forget those little kiddo’s!: (1) put child safety locks on any cupboards in the home that have chemicals in them or items inside that can be harmful to children. (2) outlet covers to prevent those little fingers from playing with the outlets! (3) window treatment strings – make sure these are put up and out of reach of children if you have these types of blinds or consider changing to blinds without strings. (4) gates in front of stairwells to prevent falling (5) glassware and other breakables need to be placed inside cabinets or out of reach. (5) laundry detergent needs to be in a locked cabinet or where a child cannot open it.(6) medicine cabinets need to be secured or any medications placed in an out of reach place for children. (7) don’t leave pot’s and pans on the front burners of the stove with the handles sticking out so toddlers can grab them. Try using the back burners.


What would you add to this? I would love to hear your comments.