My Mission

My mission is to inspire others to create a beautiful life by growing into their authentic selves.

Through motivational essays, informative and entertaining digital content, and compelling fiction, my readers will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage a healthy lifestyle, build a beautiful home, and grow into the person they were always meant to be.

My goal is to inspire my readers to be:


Become Who You Really Are

Be Authentic

Inspiring my readers to be true to who they are is at the very core of my mission. Both my fiction and nonfiction content seeks to inspire my readers to discover and celebrate their unique, authentic purpose.


Treat Yourself Well

Live Healthy

I will educate my readers on the benefits of a natural, homeopathic lifestyle. I believe living a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy body helps us to pursue our purpose and become the best version of ourselves.


Be Free to Create

Get Creative

In order to become our authentic selves, we need to be free to create. Through recipes, home decor tips, and more, my readers will develop a creative spark to be able to craft a beautiful home and delicious food.


Be Unapologetically You

Be Confident

I want my readers to know they are “overcomers”. My inspirational content will empower my readers to build their confidence to pursue their dreams, no matter what obstacles may come before them.

My Story

Hi, I’m Kimberley.

I live in small town, Buffalo, New York with my two furry kids – Nicholas and Cody.

I am a proud pet parent, who has a love for all things interior design, pet health, homeopathy, cooking, baking, gardening and all things that inspire people to live beautiful lives. I love to write inspiring pieces and fiction.

My work life has formerly been in the health care system, and I learned so much in those years. But I always knew I had other gifts that I wanted and needed to share with the world.

Kimberley Barker
Kimberley Barker on Couch

I have always believed that “Home is where everything starts” in our lives. It is our sanctuary, it is our foundation. And that place needs to be where we feel safe and surrounds us with the beauty that makes us happy. That beauty is defined differently for each of us.

Home is a place where we care for our loved ones, we care for ourselves and those we love with good healthy food. It is a place that spurs creativity, and where we nurture our relationships with our family and friends. It is a place where traditions and memories are made.

Why did I create this?

Because I want all of you to have a place to call home – a place where you can go to for information to help you in your life’s journey – help you to be empowered to heal your families, help you create that perfect space that makes you feel good, on any budget.

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