The Female Homeopathic Remedy- Sepia!

The Female Homeopathic Remedy- Sepia! Oh how I love this remedy! Every woman should know about this! Why? Because it's so helpful for women of so many ages. Whether you are 30 or 50! What does Sepia help with? Hormonal headaches Migraines Libido just not where it was? ( Yes, this works!) Motherhood fatigue Vaginal pain and dryness ( Again, I can personally tell you that this works!) Some yeast infections Menopausal transition Sepia has so many great uses for women. God, remember those darn yeast infections? Aren't they the worst?!  You feel like you could itch yourself to death? [...]

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PeriMenopause, a new phase of life

Entering a new phase of life with PeriMenopause can be at the same time daunting and enlightening at the same time. For anyone experiencing symptoms of this, is probably looking at me with ten heads saying - are you kidding me right now? It's awful!  I totally get it! I have been through it myself. And I can tell you I didn't like it either and I fought it most of the way, until.. I found guidance and teachers to help me get through. All those symptoms, hot flashes, sleepless nights, sweating in places you are embarrassed to admit, weight [...]

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Hair ReGrowth- Help Me!

Over the last two weeks, I have received several calls from friends/family and even friends of friends. All of whom have asked me what to do about hair regrowth-Help Me! Please! Whether you are a man or a woman, our hair means a lot to us - it's part of our identity. Hair loss can be from so many factors, including but not limited to  hormone changes, life stressors, or illness. Here is my recommendations to them every time! Eat good healthy fats! - my favorite avocado! and good healthy food! It's always first on any of my health [...]

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Polish Nail Bar

I normally write posts with health and home information and inspirational thoughts. However , this post is about Polish Nail Bar in a little town called Clarence, NY. It's not far from me, maybe 20 -25 minutes. It's sort-of suburban/rural-ish. And is quite beautiful with miles of green pine trees and landscapes. There are also little vignettes of boutiques, salons and restaurants that are dotted around the area for folks to explore. Well, on one of my jaunts around town - I found this little gem! The Polish Nail Bar! You can find them on their website here: It [...]

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Self Care Saturday

Self Care Saturday today is all about Hair! Girls, don't we love our hair! I know I spend a LOT of money maintaining my hair, but today's it's about just some tips on what I do regularly at home to keep it looking healthy, shiny and silky! I only wash my hair a few times a week because I do not want to dry it out or strip the color. It's long and takes quite awhile to dry and style as well. I used Aveda shampoo and conditioner called: I drink this little bottle of gold: Isagenix Collagen Elixir everyday! [...]

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Those Darn Dry Eyes

Oh my goodness, I used to see the advertisements on TV and thought oh my goodness that seems painful! And happened to me...ugh.. and it is painful and they burn when you cry!  I work on a computer and a phone all day long and that doesn't help!  Can you relate? those Darn Dry Eyes! I went to the doctor and they didn't really offer me any help except for some eye drops. I tried them for a time and they really didn't uproot anything! Just a bandaid! Ugh.. and most of my friends no me - I am [...]

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Collagen- My Skin’s Best Friend!

Oh, where do I start when I talk about Collagen - My Skin's Best Friend? I have tried so many different powdered collagens and some of them are really great but I just didn't like the taste when I added them to my coffee or even put them in a smoothie. I wanted my coffee "pure" ,  just the way I stated in my blog post here: And then, one day a great friend of mine and I were having lunch and she introduced me to this great product! and I LOVE it and it's a liquid that taste [...]

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Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

As most of my friends and family know , I am a HUGE fan of homeopathy.  Whenever there is a health issue with myself, my animals, family or friends, that is where I turn. I am not a certified homeopath but I have had a LOT of experience with it with my animals (over 14 years) and their world-renowned homeopathic vets as well as trained human homeopaths over the last several years. It's that time of year, so I thought I would let you know what my favorite homeopathic remedies for cold and flu season are. Just a short note [...]

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D-Mannose , A little Help for all My Women Friends Who Suffer from UTI’s

I just discovered this little gem as I was desperately searching for answers to prevent UTI's without taking a low dose antibiotic. And I came across D-Mannose .D-Mannose is naturally found in pineapples and cranberries. As most of us know cranberries really help heal and prevent urinary tract infections. However, when taking organic cranberry juice to prevent a UTI - you have to drink an awful lot of it. Have you tasted cranberry juice without sugar - wow! Tart! really Tart!D-Mannose comes in powder and capsule form and gives you the amount you need without drinking 8 glasses of cranberry [...]

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