Cranberry Relish or Cranberry Sauce Which is It? This is my version

Cranberry Relish or Cranberry Sauce which is it? And how are they defined? Hell if I knew.. hahaha.. You see my Mom's husband Ken likes Cranberry relish and I always thought it was cranberry sauce that he liked because admittedly, I didn't know that there was a difference. I thought they all looked like this pretty red, sort of liquid berry sauce on the Thanksgiving table. So each year, I find myself calling him and asking him which one he likes and trying to make some version that makes his face smile. He says , I am sure like he [...]

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The Friday Fish Fry

I love the season of Lent for a whole host of reasons! Primarily, it symbols a season of renewal and the fact that spring is around the corner. Secondarily, I love the traditions around it! One of those being The Friday Fish Fry! lol. Buffalo is a town that is rich with culture and foods that have been passed down from prior generations. We have amazing home grown restaurants where you can get authentic foods from Italian, to Polish, Irish and most recently some great Vietnamese and Indian restaurants! I digress, we are talking about The Friday Fish Fry here. [...]

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My secret coffee recipe

.So many of my Airbnb guests and friends ask me "what is my secret coffee recipe?" In those early morning hours, they awake, walk into the kitchen and take a deep inhale to smell the aroma of that freshly brewed cup of coffee. I had them a special mug for whatever season we are in (Christmas, Easter, Fall) and pour. Their hands wrap themselves around the mug and feel the warmth. They raise the mug to smell and t They really enjoy the rich flavor that has a bit of a sweet, yet grounded, spicy kick. This is derived from [...]

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Breakfast Brioche French Toast

I have always wanted to make Breakfast Brioche French Toast and never seemed to get around to it. This year, I was determined! Tuesday would be the last full day of my sister's visit this Holiday Season, so I wanted us to savor each moment. I searched online for recipes, found one I liked and headed to the store Monday evening. While searching the aisles, I couldn't locate the exact type of brioche bread I needed, but instead, found something called Challah bread at the bakery.  The woman working behind the bakery counter recommended this to me. It is   made [...]

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Cherishing Good Friday Traditions at the Broadway Market with Camillia’s and Chrusciki’s Bakery

 I love Good Friday! Some years back, my Mom, her husband and I started a tradition of going to the Broadway Market on Good Friday. Those who live in Western New York would say we were out of our minds. It is the busiest day of the year at the market. There were always tons of people , hard to move around, smells of meat, baked goods, roasted nuts, chocolate, hyacinth and homemade soaps.Yet, it always triggered the beginning of Spring for me. And we went, every year. Our bags full of placek, poppy seed roll, a butter lamb, hyacinth [...]

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The Thanksgiving Meal – A Gift to My Family

 This is one of my favorite Holidays of the year. Why? Because it's a time when we pause to give Gratitude it's rightful place. Yes, we all need to have Gratitude as part of our daily prayers and thoughts, but setting aside one day out of our busy lives to reflect  is so needed right now.This Holiday, to me also starts the season of giving and what better way to do that than with food. This tradition in my family has always started on Wednesday day/night , as my Mom and my Grandmother would get together to make the pies [...]

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Out of Necessity comes Creativity

How many of you have experienced financial challenges in your life? How many of you want desperately to live your dreams?Well, I am here to tell you - it is POSSIBLE! It is!Are you experiencing more debt than money coming in? Great! Awesome! This is a great time to stop the panic (get one of those big red buttons that says STOP!) and find 10 good things about the situation and make an agreement with yourself - I will not panic about this until three days from now and within those three days, I am going to sit down and [...]

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