I love the season of Lent for a whole host of reasons! Primarily, it symbols a season of renewal and the fact that spring is around the corner. Secondarily, I love the traditions around it! One of those being The Friday Fish Fry! lol. Buffalo is a town that is rich with culture and foods that have been passed down from prior generations. We have amazing home grown restaurants where you can get authentic foods from Italian, to Polish, Irish and most recently some great Vietnamese and Indian restaurants!

I digress, we are talking about The Friday Fish Fry here. Well, in Buffalo we have a whole area of town that was predominantly where the Irish settled, called the First Ward (South Buffalo) and this time of year, that’s where many of us go to find the best fish fry.

What makes it so unique you say? Battered or breaded haddock  or cod is the star of the show and apparently is a trademark to upstate New York and Pennsylvania! It usually comes with coleslaw, maybe fries.  And yes, I normally eat very healthy but I do indulge myself on occasion and this is one of them! A Buffalo native, I love to celebrate all of our traditions here!

What are the top places in Buffalo to go for a fish fry?

Well – I can’t say that I have been to all of these places but here is a  partial list that folks may want to try:

1.) Swannie House

2) Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub

3) Marinaro’s Larkin Tavern

4) McPartlans

5) Hoak’s

6) Hamlin House

7) Wiechecs.