Someone asked me today what are the paint colors for 2022? I much prefer to answer the question -what are my favorite paint colors for 2022?

Well here they are and there is a story behind each one of them

Sherwin-Williams Denim color palette:

Why do I love this? Because I LOVE my jeans! They are a staple in my wardrobe and I wear jeans almost everyday! Each color reminds me of jeans that I wear out to dance in or a nice dinner, jeans I wear to go run errands (usually with holes in them! lol), jeans that match that special sweater and well, the last one – not really sure what the SW 6239 would represent to me, but I love the color palette!

I stood at the counter at a local hardware store waiting for my paint samples for an interior design client and I noticed the color that had been chosen by the customer to my right. It was a beautiful blue that caught my eye and don’t you know , it was named: Old Blue Jeans 839 by Benjamin Moore.

Are you wondering now why these are some of my favorite paint colors in 2022?

I love Benjamin Moore and Sherwin William paints. Those are the two I primarily use in my own home as well as with clients. They go on so nicely and are such great quality.

Some tips on painting rooms that I have found super helpful over my years of trial and error.

  • Buy the small sample containers of paint first before committing to a gallon! Paint is so tricky and you want to be able to see the paint in the room during the day, at night, with the lighting that will be in the room. It changes based on what colors make up the specific paint color.
  • Speaking of that what makes up paint color -ask the salesperson at the paint store for the formula of the particular paint that you want to buy. They should be able to give you a print out of it. They can explain to you how much, black, green, red, yellow is in the paint. The dominant color will tell you whether it’s more of a warm undertone to the paint or whether not it’s a cooler undertone.
  • Paint the color on a few walls of the room to see how the light hits it. Wait, turn a light on at night and take a look and then see how it looks the next day.

And yes, I do know what the new colors of 2022 are for both of these paint companies and they are in the green family. The greys seem to have started to fade away to make room for nature to move in.

I love green because it brings nature back into our homes and I get a lot of my inspiration from nature- because there is so much to choose from!  In fact, I have a sage green type color in one of my Airbnb guest rooms. I have had that color in that room since 200

Sherwin Williams Paint Color of 2022:

Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Sherwin Williams and Rejuvenation have partnered to feature this new color with their wood furniture to show how the colors of nature blend so well together. It reminds of the trees and the earth, grass coming together to create a serenity,,,

Curated image with Marquam Teak Double Vanity, Rounded Rectangle Metal Framed Mirror, Eastmorelan...

This second picture is another that I found off of Pinterest at the following site:

Doesn’t this make you feel calm and peaceful? I love the way it pairs with the natural wood tones. Check out that pillow texture and how it blends these earth tones together!

2022 color of the year

Benjamin Moore Paint Color of 2022: October Mist 1495

A bedroom with light purple bedding, a sage-green painted wall and flowering indoor tree.

I love how this pairs so well with the lavender color bed linens. So calming, just reminds you of bringing the garden back into the house!