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Cranberry Relish or Cranberry Sauce Which is It? This is my version

Cranberry Relish or Cranberry Sauce which is it? And how are they defined? Hell if I knew.. hahaha.. You see my Mom's husband Ken likes Cranberry relish and I always thought it was cranberry sauce that he liked because admittedly, I didn't know that there was a difference. I thought they all looked like this pretty red, sort of liquid berry sauce on the Thanksgiving table. So each year, I find myself calling him and asking him which one he likes and trying to make some version that makes his face smile. He says , I am sure like he [...]

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The Female Homeopathic Remedy- Sepia!

The Female Homeopathic Remedy- Sepia! Oh how I love this remedy! Every woman should know about this! Why? Because it's so helpful for women of so many ages. Whether you are 30 or 50! What does Sepia help with? Hormonal headaches Migraines Libido just not where it was? ( Yes, this works!) Motherhood fatigue Vaginal pain and dryness ( Again, I can personally tell you that this works!) Some yeast infections Menopausal transition Sepia has so many great uses for women. God, remember those darn yeast infections? Aren't they the worst?!  You feel like you could itch yourself to death? [...]

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Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips for humans and animals is something we should all have on hand and refer to frequently to ensure we are keeping our loved ones safe. Here is a comprehensive list that I have compiled that I hope you will find helpful to keep your family safe. As an Airbnb Host, I have to think about it and make sure that I maintain a safe environment for my guests and my own family to live in. I thought I would take some time to create some helpful tips for every homeowner to have handy. Smoke detectors and CO [...]

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The Morning Walk

The Morning walk is something that I have started to integrate into my morning routine. I have found that it gives me great solace and calms my spirit. I get to listen to the sounds of nature and connect myself to something that is grounding and true. The world we live in can be so noisy and "hi tech" with our face glued to a phone or computer screen. The news flashes everywhere and many of us long for an escape from it all if only for 30 minutes. This morning I walked in the rain. And it was so [...]

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How to Choose the Best Lighting

How to Choose the Best Lighting for your space is like picking out accessories for an outfit. It can be super fun with so many choices. When I renovated my own home I first went to places like Lowes and Home Depot because I didn't really know anything about lighting. As I walked down the aisles, I was like, mmm.. I don't like any of these lights. They all looked so plain and similar.  So, off I went to a specialty lighting store called Anzalone Lighting in Lockport, NY about 30 minutes from where I live. I entered the store [...]

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Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Women Hold Up Half the Sky. When I saw this phrase somewhere in my Facebook/Instagram scroll, it totally resonated with me. I have been meaning to write about it for some time now. As I had been contemplating it's meaning, I  came across a piece of sculpture that once sat in my bedroom.  One of my cats broke the bowl that sat on top of it, so , I placed it in my basement meaning to get a new bowl.  However, unfortunately that never happened. So, I decided to give it away a few weeks ago and posted it on [...]

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How to Style Your Backyard

How to style your backyard is very similar to designing any room in your house yet it's kind of more fun I think anyway. Why? because all those luscious plants that you get to play with at the garden center to add color! Where do you start?  Answer: With a piece of inspiration, which is what I do with any room. It can be your patio set, a favorite outdoor fireplace, a picture that you want to hang outdoors, outdoor pillows that inspire you. There are so many ways to have fun here. Just have fun with it, try not [...]

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How to Style a Console Table

Knowing How to Style a Console Table can be a mystery. It's a blank slate and can be so fun! Console tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can be placed in a foyer, hallway, behind a couch, in a nook in your study/office or even in your bedroom. I look at them as little vignettes, spaces all to themselves to play with. Remember, less is more. Put a picture or a mirror on the wall behind it.  Circular mirrors are great   if your table is long and rectangular. You can either place it to one [...]

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Favorite Paint Colors for 2022

Someone asked me today what are the paint colors for 2022? I much prefer to answer the question -what are my favorite paint colors for 2022? Well here they are and there is a story behind each one of them Sherwin-Williams Denim color palette: Why do I love this? Because I LOVE my jeans! They are a staple in my wardrobe and I wear jeans almost everyday! Each color reminds me of jeans that I wear out to dance in or a nice dinner, jeans I wear to go run errands (usually with holes in them! lol), jeans that match [...]

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The Friday Fish Fry

I love the season of Lent for a whole host of reasons! Primarily, it symbols a season of renewal and the fact that spring is around the corner. Secondarily, I love the traditions around it! One of those being The Friday Fish Fry! lol. Buffalo is a town that is rich with culture and foods that have been passed down from prior generations. We have amazing home grown restaurants where you can get authentic foods from Italian, to Polish, Irish and most recently some great Vietnamese and Indian restaurants! I digress, we are talking about The Friday Fish Fry here. [...]

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