The Morning Walk

The Morning walk is something that I have started to integrate into my morning routine. I have found that it gives me great solace and calms my spirit. I get to listen to the sounds of nature and connect myself to something that is grounding and true. The world we live in can be so noisy and "hi tech" with our face glued to a phone or computer screen. The news flashes everywhere and many of us long for an escape from it all if only for 30 minutes. This morning I walked in the rain. And it was so [...]

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On Permission to Live a Creative Life

Over the last few days, I have been reading a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear. At the time I bought the book, I grabbed it to soothe a grieving heart over a friend that is moving away. Has it worked? Somewhat, yes. Each time I think of my friend and begin to cry, I grab the book to focus my mind on my writing life.Just this morning I read an interesting chapter on Permission to Live a Creative Life. When I saw the title of the chapter - I thought, wow, what an interesting [...]

Inspiration – “InSpirit”

Wayne Dyer continues to fill my morning writings and my thoughts as I walk through these days looking for motivation and support to continue on my life's purpose. I need him to see me through this. My books call to me - publish me. Write me.  Answer my calling. Share yourself with the world.My cat Bailey sits all cozy on my red bathroom on the chair next to me keeping me company and watching me type. He is content and happy watching the letters appear on the page. The house is quiet as I write. I listen with attentive ears [...]

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