Knowing How to Style a Console Table can be a mystery. It’s a blank slate and can be so fun! Console tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

They can be placed in a foyer, hallway, behind a couch, in a nook in your study/office or even in your bedroom.

I look at them as little vignettes, spaces all to themselves to play with. Remember, less is more.

  • Put a picture or a mirror on the wall behind it.
    •  Circular mirrors are great   if your table is long and rectangular. You can either place it to one side or in the middle.
    • Pictures can really make a statement. How do you want the space to feel? Perhaps a floral canvas that you can pick up colors from with other items on the table? Or that place in France you went to? Take your favorite picture and get it blown up in a size that works for that table and style around that.
    • I love this table that I found on a blog that I follow called A Thoughtful Place. Courtney created this from some finds at Target, so it’s very affordable! – bonus!
  • Think about different size vases.

    • Why is it we don’t think about using larger pottery? I didn’t and you know what, when someone at Pottery Barn suggested it to me, it was the perfect fit! A black large piece of pottery paired with a smaller, lighter colored piece worked out great! I’m obsessed with it.
    • Pair the vases with flowers and/or greenery. I change mine out  every season!
    • The picture is from Pottery Barn, I am a total Pottery Barn junkie! You can see both in the picture here and in the main photo on my blog post how different and larger vases can be used. The vases on my main photo are from Pottery Barn!
  • Have fun with family photos in varying frame sizes.
    • I love, love family photo’s! They make me smile when I sit next to them and just bring back so many memories. Play with a few sizes and different mediums, like mix your metals – make it fun!
    • Are you a black and white person or all about color! I like them both depending on what I am styling. If I go one way, I stay consistent with it.
  • Lighting helps create a cozy space, think about a unique table lamp that you like.
    •  Lighting is one of my favorite accessories in a room, yes, I said, it accessory! It can create cozy or it create ambience, or just that right amount of light for a task like office work.
    • Find a fun, unique table lamp that you want to create some whimsy maybe or a brass lamp to add warmth, or pottery type lamp to add texture.
    • The photo to the right is from Halfway Holistic, yet another creator, DIY person that I follow. We share our love of neutrals for sure!
    • The light on my console table in my main photo is from Pottery Barn. I love how the sunlight shines through the crystals and it creates such a cozy ambience at night. It’s like a crystal candle almost!
  • Decor items such small bowls, a few candles, some books.

    • Ahhh, books! Yes, I can live with books everywhere and I do, they are in almost every room! Use a console table to showcase some of your favorite novels or coffee table type books. And yes, I even pay attention to color when I do this. If I want a beige, tan, with black accents space, I go with a more neutral tone book selection. If I am looking to add color – I go right to my novels!
    • Think about mixing metals with decor items, and vases too!
    • Tray for keys, mail if your console table is in a foyer or mudroom area.
    • The photo on the right came from Cass Design Co, which is a woman named Cassie who focuses on creating serene spaces with a coastal vibe, you can find her here:
  • How about a favorite basket
    •  If your table has a second level place a throw over the side of the basket.
    • If the table doesn’t have a shelf underneath consider placing a larger basket under it with a throw but watch for scale.
    • What about two baskets? again, watch for scaling.
    • You can see some examples of this in the photo’s listed above.

How do you style your console table?  Share your comments below, I would love to hear from YOU!