Women Hold Up Half the Sky.

When I saw this phrase somewhere in my Facebook/Instagram scroll, it totally resonated with me. I have been meaning to write about it for some time now. As I had been contemplating it’s meaning, I  came across a piece of sculpture that once sat in my bedroom.  One of my cats broke the bowl that sat on top of it, so , I placed it in my basement meaning to get a new bowl.  However, unfortunately that never happened.

So, I decided to give it away a few weeks ago and posted it on a new site I had come across called Buy Nothing. I never expected I would have such a huge response for this piece. It was difficult to give it to just one woman, I wish I had one piece of sculpture for each of them. I had no idea it would be so meaningful to so many.

I took several pictures of the piece as I knew I had to write about it. She had just as much meaning to me now as she did when I first bought her. I hated to part with her, but she has a new loving home and the woman who has her loves it just as much! The sculpture has found its’ way to a unique spot in her living room to balance the masculine in her home as her children are all boys.

The irony of writing about this piece right now does not escape me. I knew Spirit would call me to write this blog post when the time was right and here we are . The recent Supreme Court ruling in the United States has forced me to the writing desk.

Women Hold up Half the Sky.

Here is what this means to me.

Women give life to our planet. We are the ones, our bodies are life givers.

Women give feminine energy to balance the masculine.

Women soften the harsh edges.

Women are Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts and sisters.

Women are incredibly resilient and internally strong.

Women Hold up Half the Sky

Women’s bodies morph and change with each birth.

Women support their spouses.

Women guide their children.

Women soften the blows of life.

Women are leadership partners in raising their families.

Women are Queens to their Kings.

Women are business owners.

Women are teachers.

Women vote.

Women Hold up Half the Sky


I do hope you are inspired by this piece of sculpture as I was. What does it say to you? I would love to read your comments.