Oh, how I love the Easter Season. It’s such a sacred time for me. It represents a time of renewal and rebirth in nature, but it also signifies the same for those folks that have a Christian background. Christ has risen. A rebirth, a renewal of faith. A celebration of all that is sacred.

It brings memories back of those times I spent in the Baptist church as a child.  Every Sunday (twice), every Wednesday, youth group meetings and special church outings. Those roots run deep in my soul despite my years of experiencing and exploring other faiths and my spirituality.

I still hold fast to those foundational teachings once learned as a child. Yet, they are now a bit more matured and my faith, I guess is a mix of what people would term “religion” and spirituality.

These last few years have tested my faith in every way. It has tested my faith mostly in humanity, not necessarily in God. God has always been there, with me, with all of us. I have come away from this with some learnings:

  • how people react when stressed to limits they never deemed possible and
  •  people can be greatly influenced by outside sources such that it divides families, friendships and invades our company cultures.

I am so happy and grateful that my family has remained intact despite our differences on current events. Yes, my friendships have been tested but they remain stronger than ever and in fact, some old friendships have been reunited and reignited. For all of this I am most grateful! Like most of us, I will forever be shaped and formed by the last few years. But I do hope, in a good way.

This Easter Season, yes, i will decorate my house and color Easter eggs and buy Easter chocolates, but I will prioritize my prayer life and meditation practice as the most important part for this year.  With the current state of our world, it seems to me that this is most important.

I have been listening to the song Hallelujah over and over again, reminding myself of what’s true and what’s most sacred. The people I love, the friendships I have made, my family.  I attached the link to a wonderful version of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYA-Z12VMM4&t=109s

With Love and Light,


Photo by Jez Timms