Entering a new phase of life with PeriMenopause can be at the same time daunting and enlightening at the same time. For anyone experiencing symptoms of this, is probably looking at me with ten heads saying – are you kidding me right now? It’s awful!  I totally get it! I have been through it myself. And I can tell you I didn’t like it either and I fought it most of the way, until.. I found guidance and teachers to help me get through.

All those symptoms, hot flashes, sleepless nights, sweating in places you are embarrassed to admit, weight gain and yes, did I mention “turrets?”  I don’t mean turrets in the sense of the literal diagnosis, I mean, you just start saying what is on your mind, without a filter. Yep, remember what you really thought about the business deal or that person who is just really annoying you right now and you told them so in not so nice terms? Hahaha.. well, yes, this also comes with the territory.

This can be a challenging time in a women’s life and can start as early as in her 30’s. However, I challenge each of us to take a different approach to this phase of our lives. Try, just try to see it differently. Our bodies are going through a change and it’s communicating with us. I urge you to listen! don’t suppress it! Yes, support yourself and the changes that are occurring but I also encourage you to take some time out of your busy day and listen to your body. What is it asking of you? What does it need?

It is at this point in our lives that many of the things we did when we were younger begins to catch up with us. And the emotions we had long buried begin to manifest themselves in physical ailments.

When I began this journey of my life I started using things such as wild yam cream and black cohosh. They worked for a time, like a year or two and then it seemed like I needed something else. So, I journeyed on, doing research and eventually landing on bioidentical hormones as a solution that helped me tremendously. My readings centered around the work of Dr. Christiane Northrup, (yes she is a very knowledgeable ob/gyn), Suzanne Somers as well as talking with functional medicine folks locally and different parts of the country. Bioidentical hormones are not synthetic hormones like Premarin. They are compounded in a compounding pharmacy and are similar to those hormones that are naturally produced in our bodies. (see further information in the reference section I mention below).

I was determined to find answers and not just accept that this would be a way of life for me. I ended up using creams at first but then I felt like I needed something else after awhile. Bioidenticals also come in the form of pellet injections, so I decided to try those and oh my god!  I felt like i got my life back! My hormones were feeling balanced and I felt that my intimate life was once again given back to me. Isn’t this so important for men and women. Such a vital part of a healthy life!

In a nutshell, you can get through these perimenopausal years supporting your body and your spirit. You don’t have to just “accept it.”  This is also a wonderful time to open up to our creative selves, to explore perhaps those things that we have tucked away for so long that our souls are yearning to have satisfied.  Our bodies demand we deal with issues that we chose to ignore. Can this be somewhat unpleasant? sure, but I will be the first one to tell you that there is freedom on the other side of that.

Lastly, I would be remiss in closing this blog post without mentioning homeopathy. I wish I had known about homeopathy when I was going through this.  I would have definitely looked at that as a possible solution. Homeopathy is now my go to solution for many things, it is such a beautiful medicine, so efficient, effective and no side effects.

I wish you all love and support as you journey through this time in your life and please don’t hesitate to share your comments below or ask me as question.


Here are some of the resources I used during those perimenopausal years:


1) Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Bodies by Dr. Christiane Northrup: https://www.amazon.com/Womens-Bodies-Wisdom-Revised-Updated

2) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause, Dr. John R. Lee, M.D.https://www.amazon.com/What-Your-Doctor-Tell-About

3) Suzanne Somer’s book on Bioidentical Hormones:  https://www.suzannesomers.com/collections/books/products/suzanne-somers-ageless-the-naked-truth-about-bioidentical-hormones


1) Women to Women website: Marcell Pick is the the NP that runs this clinical practice, she has had years of working with women all across the globe. She is a trusted resource for me. Here is an article on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement from their website: https://marcellepick.com/history-hormone-replacement-therapy-hrt/

2) Wild Yam cream:https://www.amazon.com/Swanson-Wild-Yam-Cream-Ounce.

I have not used this product as it was some time ago that I used wild yam cream. So, I can’t say how well it works. But I am just citing this as an example of a cream that is out there in the market. As always do your own research to determine if this is right for you.

3) Adaptagens: Like ashwaganda, Black Cohosh, Rhodiola Rosea help boost energy levels, gives increased stamina, helps with hormone balance and other great benefits. There are many wonderful supplements on the market to purchase and here are some of the ones I would recommend:https://kimberleyskorner.isagenix.com/en-us/shop/targeted-health/adaptogen-elixir?pid=d3e904ec3dfa4d67a29f38972829162b


4) Article/post and video about Perimenopause from Dr. Christiane Northrup https://www.drnorthrup.com/video/your-perimenopause-transition/


Another block post coming soon on Menopause!