Being Joyful even when the world is in Chaos. Even that statement seems almost sacrilegious to say doesn’t it?

How can we by joyful when so many of our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine are suffering? Answer: It isn’t easy.

It isn’t easy for any of us who are kind and caring souls. I had a rough couple of days last week, I found myself in a sea of sorrow, anger, grief, fear, confusion and a whole host of other emotions. I am certain I wasn’t alone and I am sure there are many of us who are still feeling this way.

I guess thank god we do feel those emotions, it means we care.

But how do we not feel guilty for feeling joyful or focusing on our work, growing our businesses, having fun with our children?

As I pondered these thoughts on Saturday evening and into Sunday morning, I was sent some wonderful gifts that showed me how to deal with these emotions.

The first one: I spent an hour on the phone with a friend who reminded me that I am doing something for the world – I am having a spaghetti dinner for my family to keep them all together. My first reaction was like, what? How can that help the world? It helps the world by focusing on what’s good, focusing on the celebration of family, listening to the joy of children laughing and playing. It reminds us to not let the negative forces in our world destroy the good things.

The second one: One of my spiritual teachers/mentors, Gabby Bernstein popped up on my Instagram feedĀ  to remind me that we need to be joyful, we need to be happy, we need to be doing good things in the world right now as that positive vibration gets to our brothers and sisters in the world (I’m interpreting, summarizing what she said).

Well, I guess now that I am thinking about this, I can add a third one:

I am reminded of one of the Walton’s TV shows that took place during war time – World War II. They only had the radio to give them updates ( the good old days!) and their was a little girl visiting the family. She couldn’t sleep so she came down to the kitchen in the middle of the night. It just so happened the Walton’s Mother – Olivia, was awake as well. She gently knelt down and asked the little “what was the matter?” The little girl was frightened of the bad news of the war and the fear that some of the men she loved would leave and go off to war and die.

Olivia knelt down and looked at the little girl and said – this is why we celebrate birthdays and the flowers coming in springtime and the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree. We need to keep these simple joyful things in our lives because there will always be challenges and hard times in life.

I do hope these words have resonated with you and you have found some comfort in them.

Send joy , be calm and at peace my friends,





Photo by Clay Banks

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Photo by Kelli McClintock