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Polish Nail Bar

I normally write posts with health and home information and inspirational thoughts. However , this post is about Polish Nail Bar in a little town called Clarence, NY. It's not far from me, maybe 20 -25 minutes. It's sort-of suburban/rural-ish. And is quite beautiful with miles of green pine trees and landscapes. There are also little vignettes of boutiques, salons and restaurants that are dotted around the area for folks to explore. Well, on one of my jaunts around town - I found this little gem! The Polish Nail Bar! You can find them on their website here: It [...]

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Collagen- My Skin’s Best Friend!

Oh, where do I start when I talk about Collagen - My Skin's Best Friend? I have tried so many different powdered collagens and some of them are really great but I just didn't like the taste when I added them to my coffee or even put them in a smoothie. I wanted my coffee "pure" ,  just the way I stated in my blog post here: And then, one day a great friend of mine and I were having lunch and she introduced me to this great product! and I LOVE it and it's a liquid that taste [...]

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Things I am Lovin’ this week

 The last week of February. That means Spring is getting closer. Our days are lasting a bit longer with the sun setting a bit later. I cannot wait to see my first flowers of spring arrive - snowdrops! Some of the things I am loving this week are:Phone calls and visits with Friends and Family. This is at the top of my list because I have had such a great chance to connect with friends this week and I am so grateful. These friends have kept me sane through this crazy pandemic - some are single and I am too and [...]

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Things I am lovin’ today

   This is Valentines Day weekend. This is such a fun weekend to celebrate, not a lot of stress, not a lot of preparation , just some chocolate and wine type fun! So, I thought I would post about some things that I am "loving" this weekend.  * Jeans!: For those of you who know me, these are my wardrobe staples! And I am always on the hunt for my next best FAV! So, a new discovery this weekend: RISEN Jeans.  I bought an olive green pair during the holidays and today at ROVE, Jewelry and Gift Boutique in Williamsville, NY, [...]

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