It’s my favorite time of year , the time where we focus on giving to others, to adopting families, to buying gifts for our family friends, sharing food and decorating our Christmas trees, baking cookies. And endless Hallmark Holiday movies!

I love everything about this Holiday , this year however, I have a wrinkle in my Holiday preparation days.

Taking care of a cat with a cancer diagnosis. Some odd mass in the “mesentary”, which is in the abdomen.

 How could this have happened? My little girl, Bella, so sweet, so full of love. She and I lost her brother in the Spring to some unknown brain issue after five months of  trips to the ER and many vet consults. Neither of us were fully over the grief of losing him and when I think of him , I still cry.

I can’t imagine how she feels, especially being alone all day in the house while I am at work. But, we journey on together to face yet another challenge.

I had no idea what to do , how to handle this with a cat.

The internal medicine specialist said, “we have no idea how much time you have.” No surgery will cure this. We have no treatment for this.  I walked away with tears streaming down my face , not again, I couldn’t endure to lose her too. Not so close after her brother.

I waited to check out and  held her close, I immediately consulted the folks at Hampl, in Australia. An alternative vet who sells homeopathic remedies.  They are so incredibly kind and caring. They told me that they had a set of homeopathic remedies I could start trying to see if they will help her.

That was over a month ago now. She has been brave and strong, despite her weight loss, many trips to the local vet to get fluids in her belly drained. There have been 2am, 3am wake up calls to feed her and give her pain medication. There are days when I am not sure if I should – “make THE decision” and give up. There are days when I am so exhausted by it all both emotionally and physically. But the minute I see some hopeful sign – it keeps me going and hopeful that we will make it through this.

The folks at Hampl, in Australia are my angels from heaven, always there for me to help me with questions about their products and how to help her and I  along this journey.

It is a full time job taking care of her for sure. And I wonder how I will go back to work this week after being off for a week and focusing on her.

I pray for a “Mrs. Miracle” who will somehow come into our lives and help me so I can continue to work , pay for her care and buy some Christmas gifts for my family. 

Mrs. Miracle is a fictitious character in the Debbie Macomber Christmas books. She is an angel manifested in human form to help families believe that there is hope again in their lives and that miracles do happen every day.

Some may say this is a bunch of fairy tales and that miracles, angels and magic don’t exist in the world. Well, I know what I believe.

I believe that Magic happens at Christmastime. That this is the time of year that a “giving” energy fills the hearts and spirits of people. This collective energy is felt throughout our planet.

So, my Christmas wish this year, is for a Mrs. Miracle to come into my life to help me care for Bella , help me keep my house cleaned up and ready for the Holidays and to bring both of us a Christmas miracle to help heal her so that we can enjoy a few more healthy years together.