Animal Communication with Furkids


I felt compelled to share this today as I have had the gift of  connecting with someone who is grieving so deeply over the loss of her beloved pet over the last few days. I too have experienced this deep sadness when my cats have passed and I am most certain, many of you have as well. 

Why is this grief felt at the core our being? It’s like someone drilled a hole in your heart. The pain is so unbearable you can never imagine having another pet in your life again because you can’t go through this pain again -it’s too much.  This grief is felt so deeply because animals love us unconditionally. They greet you everyday when you come home from errands or work and they snuggle with you at night. They know when you are upset , cry, angry – they sense your energy. Animals are incredibly intuitive. How else do they know how to hunt for food or stay away from danger? Or where they left their favorite toy ? How can you explain an animal lost , eventually finds their way home? 

People who are pet owners/lovers, they know their dogs/cats/horses and their animals know them. Animals know our scent, they know our patterns of behavior and yes, they talk with us. It might not be in human language, but if you begin to talk with them early in your life with them, they do respond. And if you are aware of their body language, their patterns, their voices you will be able to sense what they are telling you. Even when they don’t feel well, they will tell you what is wrong.

In 2019, two of my dear cats died – Bailey and Bella. They had been with me for a long time, nearly 14 years. Bailey died in May and Bella in December.  These two cats gave me a gift that I hope others will learn from, they gave me the gift of further understanding of energy medicine and the gift of animal communicators. 

 Joan Ranquet and Elizabeth Severino are two women who I have had the pleasure of meeting when Bailey and Bella died.They are animal communicators and two of the most gifted, wonderful women I have had the pleasure of meeting. They communicate with animals through energetic channeling and intuition. 

 I was so desperate with grief, I couldn’t let go. There had to be a way to continue to connect with them. A homeopathic group I work with in Australia had recommended Elizabeth to me when Bailey was sick but I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. Well, wasn’t I wrong. 

I first connected with Joan when Bailey died. I was desperate to understand the cause of death and to talk with him. I had nursed this cat with his various health issues since he had come home to me at 10 months old and he died at 14. He had some neurologic issues going on weeks before his passing and I made the mistake of putting him through dental surgery contrary to my intuition saying not to. That was the beginning of the end. He ended up having several strokes before he died. I had searched the globe to help this cat through out his life. Working with a homeopathic vet here in Buffalo and Don Hamilton in New Mexico and then a group in Australia. I needed the answer! I had figured out the health issues and found solutions for this cat his whole life, and I couldn’t save him. I was beating myself up for sure, but I needed to know and I needed to keep my connection to him.

I reached out to Joan’s office and asked for a session with her. I can still remember that day – I cried and was so amazed at Joan’s ability to connect with animals all through a picture . Bailey told her that I was a writer and that I wrote every morning at the dining room table as he sat with me, which is true. She was also able to tell me what happened with Bailey and despite the fact that I was still so sad, it gave me great comfort knowing that we were communicating. 

I bought Joan’s book: Energy Healing for Animals which has helped me on my continued journey and thirst for knowledge of energy healing.

Fast forward to months after Bailey’s death and I find out that Bella had stomach cancer. How could this have happened under my watch I asked myself? I, the person who has gone to great lengths to rid my home of toxic cleaning chemicals, I make my cat food from scratch and she has stomach cancer? My other cat Ben died of the same thing. What happened? And I felt horrible for not paying more attention to Bella, I was so focused on Bailey all these years. As I look back, the signs were there. 

The vet said there was nothing to be done, where have I heard that before? I did not accept that and once again, I contacted the vet in Australia to help while I was in the vet’s office waiting to check out. I was not about to give up on little Bella. 

I soon become a 24/7 Hospice cat nurse. Round the clock homeopathic medicines for stomach cancer and giving IV fluids at home. I documented daily , prayed, slept by her side , worried and cried. I couldn’t lose her too. Unfortunately, I was too late and Bella did die a month later. She died at home with me, next to the Christmas tree , in my arms.  I was numb and despite the fact that it was my favorite time of year, I felt empty. No cats in the house for the first time in over 20 years of my life. 

The life force of an animal and all that this brings to a home is hard to describe unless you are a pet owner or someone who understands the non-physical energy part of life.

So, as I had learned with Bailey, I called and booked an appointment with Dr. Liz (Elizabeth Severino D.D. D.R.S.). I did connect with Bella and in fact, Dr. Liz started to teach me to use my own channeling skills and intuition to talk with Bella.  Some of the information was hard for me to take , but in the end it was a gift I used going forward to help heal myself and one of my new cats.  Even in death, our animals give to us – unconditionally.

Here is a book that I found so fascinating by Dr. Liz: The Animals’ Viewpoint on Living, Healing, and Dying.

The field of Animal Communication is something I now have in high regard. And, someday, I hope to take some coursework to fine tune my abilities in this arena. For now, I highly suggest that you take a look at what these women have to offer the world. Here are their websites for your information below.

There are others out there as well. Just be sure you find someone who is credible . Especially if you are in grief, we are all vulnerable at these times , so protect yourself while you are supporting yourself.

Here is another animal communicator who appears to be very credible: . Thanks goes out to the woman who I have been talking to about her cat for sharing this information with me. 

Please know that Animal Communicators are also very helpful with your pets when they are alive! If you look at their websites you will see that they assist with behavior and physical issues . 

I hope this information is helpful to people out there in the world. Here is to supporting our animals and those who love them so much!