I get so many friends and family calling and/or asking me about their pet’s health issues. I love to get these calls because that means I get another opportunity to help folks and their animals. When I get these calls, I always, always start with questions that target the conversation to what I consider four building blocks to better health for their pets.

Those questions center around the following :

A. What kind of food is the animal on? Did the food change? and when?

  • food is extremely important for keeping our animals and ourselves healthy. I am a huge proponent of raw food for animals. There is so much more to talk about here and I go into much more depth in my course: Transforming your Pet’s Health, spending less time and money on vet visits. It’s coming out soon, so stay tuned!
  • Hint: This is the mix that I use with my cats: https://felineinstincts.com/

B. Environment:

  • This encompasses so much with things like is the house fully carpeted? or all hard wood?
  • Are there smokers in the house? what type of cleaning products do you use? Are there children in the house?
  • Where are the litter boxes?
  • Hint: I use a ton of Norwex products to clean with! They are the best! I get all my products from my friend Linda. You can go to her page here: https://lindadamaro.norwex.biz/
  • Hint: The litter I use is: https://www.countrymax.com/pestell-easy-clean-clumping-cat-litter-with-baking-soda/ I buy it from a local country max store. These people are so friendly and nice to work with and this has minimal ingredients in it , which I love. I try to keep things as close to nature as possible. It is a little dusty so be careful with your fur babies who might have some asthma/allergy issues.

C. Drugs and Other Obstacles to Cure:

What is it that drugs seems to be our health care worlds answer to everything?  Drugs are wonderful in so many ways, we have made such great advances with them. However, I feel like we have forgotten that there are other more gentler ways that mother nature has given us to heal ourselves and the animals of our planet. Drugs and other healing modalities can co-exist.

When talking to friends and family, I ask about how many drugs the animal is currently on and for how long. Drugs have many side effects and need to be taken into consideration when figuring out the path to healing and wholeness.

And certainly we need to look at vaccines.  More on this in my course: Transforming your Pet’s Health spending less time and money on vet visits.

D.  Spirit/Mental Health/Personality

  • There is a spiritual component to everything and healing is no different.
  • Our animals have their own unique vitality and spirits, no two are alike and we need to honor that.
  • Mental health is just as important for animals as it is for us. Are your animals bored? Do they need more play time?
  • Has their spirit changed in anyway?
  • Would you find it beneficial to use an animal communicator?

Those are my four building blocks to better health for your pets that I go through each and every time with my friends and family and now.. I even get questions from facebook/Instagram followers.  The discussion that ensues within each of these areas most oftentimes leads us down a pathway that directs us to where the healing needs to begin and what needs to change.

I ask you to consider these when you are addressing your own animals needs.

I want to hear from you. How can I help you in your animals healing journey? What questions are you looking to get answers to?

Please send them to me in the comments and I am happy to answer them.

You can always get a more thorough and deep dive into each of these areas, in my upcoming course called Transforming your Pet’s Health spending less time and money on vet visits. Stay tuned for the announcement of the pre-sale!